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My beach read is The Most Fun We Ever Had , by Claire Lombardo, because every family has its issues, and by acknowledging that, we live truer lives and grow as people. Ben Shapiro , political commentator, author and editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire :.

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Alan Dershowitz , professor emeritus at Harvard Law School:. At the top of my reading list right now is Shadow Strike , by Yaakov Katz. Marianne Williamson , Democratic presidential candidate:. At the top of my list is War on Peace , by Ronan Farrow. Transitioning from a war economy to a peace economy is high on my list of priorities, which is why as president I plan to establish a U.

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Department of Peace. Our national security agenda should not be guided by corporate profits for defense contractors, but solely by our legitimate security needs. I plan to make that happen. These are two really important books on how race is shaping America and what that means for our future. Hosseini is a master storyteller, and each one of his characters is so perfectly imperfect and human.

Cory Booker , senator from New Jersey and Democratic presidential candidate:. David Petraeus , retired U. Army general and former director of the CIA:. And also at the top of my list is Our Man , by George Packer, which reviewers have praised for its enormous insights not just on Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, with whom I was privileged to partner during his final mission as a diplomat, but also on the three wars in which he played significant roles. At the top of my list is Bluebird, Bluebird of the Highway 59 series.

I like mysteries, especially if they deal with complicated issues around intersections of race and class. Michael Bennet , senator from Colorado and Democratic presidential candidate:. John Delaney , former congressman from Maryland, currently a Democratic presidential candidate:. Every Daniel Silva novel is at the top of my reading list, and John Sandford novels are a close second! Both get to the heart of how we can all actually make this world a much better place. Alyssa Mastromonaco , author and former deputy chief of staff for operations in the Obama White House:.

Chelsea is one of my most supportive friends, and this book is a gift to anyone who is interested in the journey to learn more about yourself, laugh your ass off and cry. As someone whose life was changed immeasurably by medical marijuana, I am fascinated by the research and discussion of alternative therapies. The creator, Wet Salon owner Jimmy Haddox, says the sets are "moving like crazy" and that he's doing his best just to keep up with the demand.

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A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster by Rebecca Solnit

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First, be sure to send the parents a festive, rainbow-bedazzled holiday card from Lobo, and customize it with a collage of pictures from your last vacation to Fire Island. Marking them "wish you were here" is a nice touch, and if you're tech-savvy, include a DVD slide show of the both of you in your Borat thongs. You can even donate in your parents' honor from the organization's Web site, and PFLAG will happily send them a card recognizing their contribution.

No holiday dinner with the fam is complete without music. Consider bringing RuPaul's Ho Ho Ho Christmas album and putting it on as the family sits down to break bread together. Then just sit back and watch as this holiday night becomes the most memorable and perhaps least silent of them all. Your sister's ex-linebacker husband has a Ford Expedition that could use a little sassing up? Slap a "Would Jesus be a homophobe? Lobo, Guadalupe Ste. A, , www.

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And, hey, if they don't like it, they can pawn it. Don't kid yourselves: Even at this tender age, they're totally familiar with that racket. Kids fresh on their own rarely can afford the luxury of shopping sprees. This is the one case where money and gift cards are superb gestures.

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Your pup can pretend for one day that he or she actually is liquid. And if your young one has an idea of future career goals, then work with that: A Physicians' Desk Reference or stethoscope for the wannabe doctor, ketamine for the aspiring vet, a kiddie pool for the budding marine biologist, pounds upon pounds of coffee and cigarettes for your aspiring journalist How to Shop With Political Consideration For chrissakes, what's wrong with a little thoughtfulness when it comes to someone else's differing beliefs? A greeting is a greeting. That's a decision best left to you and your personal saviors.

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  6. While many people dismiss this type of open-mindedness as "politically correct," we like to call it "politically considerate. Oh, it slipped your mind, or you didn't know? Well, why the hell are you giving gifts to people you don't even really know in the first place? Don't give self-help books or self-improvement gifts unless the person has asked for it.

    Your good intentions won't matter as they open your carefully wrapped weight-loss program, Proactiv Solution starter kit, and bottle of mouthwash and die a little inside. Merry Christmas! If you have a year-old goth daughter and think that pink sundress at the mall is just so cute and decide to buy it for her along with a gift card to Claire's, expect 10 more layers of black eyeliner and a fresh row of piercings just to make sure that you get the point next time around.

    If your grumpy-ass grandpa spends most dinners with the family going on and on about how great we are doing in Iraq and how Dubya's "his boy," skip the spiritual enlightenment book The Four Agreements and stick with historical fiction instead. And lawn jockeys? Bad idea. Even if they are painted "tan. To him, barcodes are the mark of the beast, and cell phones are little more than tracking devices disguised as fancy toys. He is Paranoid Guy, and may the good Lord have mercy on any fat, bearded man sneaking down his chimney. What can you get this fretful fella that won't get him frothing about giant owls in the woods?

    One of the manuscripts CBL Thi was in very poor condition, as a result of previous water damage and handling. It needed extensive conservation to prevent any further damage and ensure it could be safely displayed. This manuscript, dated , tells the story of a Buddhist monk, Phra Malai, who visited heaven and hell through the power of meditation and then shared tales from his travels on his return to Earth. Important passages of the text have been written in gold paint on striking red, orange, black and green backgrounds, indicating that this is a prestigious Buddhist manuscript.

    Curiously, but not unusually, the illustrations do not relate to the text and instead depict scenes of Buddha and his last ten lives. Water damage extending inwards from the sides of the text block, in combination with poor handling and storage, had made it incredibly difficult to handle the manuscript safely. There were a large number of tears along the folded edges and the paper was weak and delaminating in some areas. The lower cover was missing and the upper cover was severely damaged with large losses at the edges and cracks in the lacquer coating. Inappropriate sewn repairs along several of the torn folded edges had caused misalignment of the text block and several of the openings were restricted and at risk of tearing.

    The pigment was severely abraded and there were some instances of localised flaking of the white and gold pigment, as well as powdering of the red and black pigments. First of all the exterior of the manuscript was treated. Wheat starch paste was used to repair the delaminating paper and lifting lacquer on the cover, as well as the detaching media along the folded edges.

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    After thorough documentation, the sewing was carefully removed from all folds where there was a risk of further damage. With the text block now in three separate parts, the repairs could be carried out more easily. Consolidating the detaching media along the folded edges with wheat starch paste. The losses in the cover and tears along the folds were repaired with acrylic-toned Japanese paper and wheat starch paste using a double-layer method that would ensure sufficient support.

    On the reverse of each repair, thin acrylic-toned tengujo paper was adhered to add strength and secure any fragile paper edges. The weak and abraded paper on the left and right edges of the text block were strengthened with tengujo paper and wheat starch paste. Strengthening the weak and abraded paper edges with tengujo paper and wheat starch paste.