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With audio CD. A gentile richiesta A tribute to Domenico Modugno. His most famous songs transcribed for solo guitar. Audio CD with songs performed by the author. From Brazil to Bulgaria, from Korea to Mexico, through Jamaica and Italy, one can move to the rhythm of a tango or a Balkan dance and discover folk music and ritual songs. The variety of melodies and rhythms proposed in the pieces, in their simplicity and accessibility, allows young students to deal with a particularly rich and original sound environment. The audio CD contains the backing tracks arranged in a modern and original style.

Thanks to the minus one system it is possible to exclude each of the two violins by simply rotating the balance dial to the left to listen to violin 1st only, or to the right to listen to violin 2nd only. This allows a single musician to play in duet. Easy piano arrangements for beginning pianists. The best educational compositions for guitar edited and fingered by Giovanni Podera and Giulio Tampalini.

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Italian and English text. Parallel to studies on musical aptitude and the capacity for audiation, which. For parents and educators at preschool facilities. Authors: Edwin E. Gordon, Andrea Apostoli Target: music teachers, parents with a music background with children up to the age of six Pages: 52 - Size: 17x24 cm Price: Euro The CD included contains songs without words performed unaccompanied by the Gordon ensemble and composed according to the principles of the Music Learning Theory. Given their characteristics of brevity and rhythmic, melodic and harmonic variety they encourage the development of musical aptitude in young children.

What great music! Classical music and jazz pieces in pictures and music, based on the Music Learning Theory of Edwin E.

Three small illustrated volumes for children up to the age of six. Each page is dedicated to a piece of music, also included in the audio CD supplied and taken from the classical or jazz repertoire. An original illustration on every page depicts the piece and a brief introductory sentence describes its features and the instruments on which it is performed. The included pieces were selected to provide a set of highly varied musical stimuli which serve to develop musicality in children. In the audio CDs: 40 minutes of music chosen from the great classical and jazz repertoire.

An introduction provides parents and educators with suggestions and advice on how to use the books and CD with children for creative and listening activities. What great music in pregnancy! Full illustrated in four colours by Mariagrazia Orlandini Target: women in pregnancy, newborns Pages: 48 Size: 12x12 cm Price: Euro The aim of the project is to introduce children to jazz by listening to a tale.

Each album in the series is a monograph and the tale is inspired by a great musician in the history of jazz whose personality and style do not emerge through a story with captions but instead via a narration rich in metaphors and stylistic and ambiance references. The narrator explains in a very simple way the main features of jazz music while the quartet accompanies him with simple examples. Polyrhythm, improvisation, ensemble music, melody and harmony are only some of the musical concepts that are explained interactively and like a game.

Explore areas inaccessible to the public and take part in the staging of an opera. Read the best opera stories and live the exciting stories of the characters. Gripping, romantic, tragic, comic and legendary plots that always move and thrill audiences the world over. Getting closer to the world of opera has never been so easy. Listen on the audio CD to the best known opera arias. Two nice caracthers introduce the young students to discover the wonderful world of music and guitar. The volumes of this Series are easy to use, easy to understand and practical: for a fast and fun learning.

Thus students gain early independence technique and musicality necessary to express and develop their passion for the instrument. The exercises and instrumental pieces are in various style,. The volumes are enriched by illustrations and diagrams. The included audio CDs are minus-one. Suitable for private and group lessons. Supplement book Accompaniment book: chords and rhythmics.

Pages: 56 - Size: 23,5x31cm Price: Euro Pages: 52 - Size: 21x29,7 cm Price: Euro Audio CD included with both parts played together with the minus one system to play a duets also at home. Audio CD included, to play the duets also at home, following the suggestion of the author. La storia delle note. School educational routes Author: Marco Cordiano Target: children aged 7 years and overe.

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The Guides are enriched by illustrations and photographs and include a wonderful audio cd. In this book, he describes the great composers and their masterpieces that represent. He is a passionate music writer and populariser, widely acclaimed for his essays and monographies about Rossini, Gluck, Donizetti and Verdi. In this volume he awlessly undertakes a journey through the world of Opera, by providing a sleek dictionary of more than. A fascinating story, with information, anecdotes, curiosities, to discover the secret of this instrument. A fascinating jigsaw, giving the reader the tasty opportunity of piecing back together the always-current picture of opera.

The enclosed CD features a not-to-bemissed selection of the most beautiful opera arias, performed by singers and conductors who became a legend. Roberto Prosseda Latina, is a pianist and musicologist. He won prestigious performance competitions and reached international celebrity thanks to his recordings of some unpublished works by Mendelsshon, which he also rediscovered. The Krautrock Album Database. The very notion flusters the brain because their albums mostly sound like the resu Site Maintenance at Gallery Turntables by Jean Nantais.

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Photo - 1 year ago. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! These will be new in an unopened box when they arrive in the Alimentazione Naturale - il sito di Nico Valerio. Metier - Derek Gehring's cool site from UK. Mountain Man — Play It Right - 2 years ago. One of the largest instruments of its kind in Six Days in Chiba.

Audio16 - Eckart's Blog. New horizons - Dear Audio16 followers and readers, The both of us have since been focused on offering a large variety of articles concerning our shared hobby, modest The release of the Ohno series of interconnects and speaker cables blew my mind with their mu Testing Blog Post - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, mei oblique aliquid assentior ei. Eirmod reprimique mea cu, usu dicant detraxit deserunt ne. Eu discere forensibus expetendis e A new website for Cala Mighty Sound!

In fact we were working on a new website for Cala Mighty Sound.

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Just have a look here: Mutant has reconfigured itself and will now be presented by Eric Lumbleau and Vintage Audio and Video. Das Leben des Klangmeisters.

Er war in der Zeit zwischen und En To kick off this yea Franco's Pixes - cool pictures from a friend. Modern and Contemporary Lute Music. Alphabetical by Composer I - K - 4 years ago.

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Koetsu - Koetsu - a natural presence. Authentic means more than accuracy.

Like the difference between a Latimore and a Fitzgerald or Fagles translation of Ancient Alasdair Roberts — Ploughboy Lads - There are almost no gay love songs, I think our historic marginalisation made us focussed on our sexuality as defining us rather than our love. Warner zone 2 — Warner zone 1 mcfb vin Wrath of the Grapevine. Life in the NohoDome. Joe Roberts' Junkyard Jukebox.

Eurydice — Stereophonic tube amp dedicated to electrostatic high-class headphones - Eurydice - Stereophonic tube amp dedicated to electrostatic high-class headphones. Time to move to other projects. Thanks to all the people who have supported the blog during these 5 years. Empowering Creators - Just a few hours ago Judge Chin issued a ruling that is bound to make authors, photographers, graphic artists and content creators in general happy.

Stapler of the Week. Cool vinyls from "ars-music" - Hamburg Germany. Kunden, diese Neuheiten sind uns aufgefallen! Andrea Poletto - a neighbour artist. What makes up my DNA! Loved getting this visual report for me: Richard Leo Johnson's Blog - cool! Analogue Audio Association Forum from Germany. Okada-san's site from Japan. Stereo Times Archive Of Articles. Homebuilt Hi-Fi - A user submitted image showcase of high quality home built hi-fi components. The Captain Beefheart Radar Station. Le BLOG de db system. COM Acoustic guitar instrument care, repair for players, luthiers.

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