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What Causes HIV?

ET Send us an email. December 17, July 2, November 17, October 26, March 19, August 30, September 17, January 18, June 21, Viramune XR extended release. March 25, May 20, Protease Inhibitors PIs. June 20, June 23, October 20, March 1, December 6, June 22, Fusion Inhibitors. March 13, CCR5 Antagonists. August 6, Then, the cells explode. They release many viral cells that go on to invade other cells in the body.

Currently, there is no known cure for HIV.

Millions with HIV die for lack of access to Aids drugs, MPs say

However, medications can help people living with HIV manage the condition and live healthy lives. These drugs work by stopping HIV from replicating. Here is a list of drugs that are currently approved by the U.

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There are many different classes of drugs used to treat HIV. This decision will depend on their viral load and strain, as well as on how severe their case is and how far it has spread. All people with HIV need to take more than one drug. This is because attacking HIV from multiple directions reduces the viral load more quickly.

Who is at Risk for HIV?

It also helps prevent resistance to the drugs being used. Combination drugs combine medications from different classes into one drug form. The drugs are combined to make a complete HIV regimen. This type of regimen is usually used to treat people who have never taken HIV medications before. Integrase inhibitors are a class of medication that stops the action of integrase enzyme.

This is a viral enzyme that HIV uses to infect T-cells. Integrase inhibitors are usually among the first HIV drugs used in people who have recently contracted HIV because they work well and have minimal side effects.

Examples of these drugs include:. Several combinations of these drugs are also available. These drugs also have other actions that prevent HIV from replicating in the body. Examples of NRTIs include:. Some NRTIs are rarely used and will be discontinued by the manufacturer by These drugs include:. These drugs work in a similar way to NRTIs.

Medications for HIV Infection

They stop the virus from replicating itself in your body. Protease inhibitors work by binding to protease. This is a protein that HIV needs to replicate in the body. This reduces the number of viruses that can infect more cells. Some protease inhibitors are only approved by the FDA to treat hepatitis C, but these are not the same as those used to treat HIV infection.

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Entry inhibitors are another class of HIV medication. HIV needs a host T-cell in order to make copies of itself. These drugs block the virus from entering a host T-cell. This prevents the virus from replicating itself.

HIV & AIDS - signs, symptoms, transmission, causes & pathology

Entry inhibitors are rarely used in the United States because other available drugs are more effective and better tolerated. An example of an entry inhibitor is:.

HIV/AIDS - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo Clinic

CCR5 antagonists are rarely used in the United States because other available drugs are more effective. An example of this type of drug includes:. CYP3A are enzymes that protect liver and gastrointestinal health.

These HIV drugs include protease inhibitors and certain integrase inhibitors.