Abraham Lincoln: Presidential Fuck Saga

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He has eight days to decide whether to accept immortal life or die of gangrene. Woodrow Wilson: Vampire Hunter — Once again, vampires strike a presidential wife. After Ellen dies, Wilson fights off vampires until he is weakened by a stroke. Warren G. Harding: Vampire Hunter — We find out at the end of the film that Harding has been working with the vampires all along. Herbert Hoover: Vampire Hunter — Vampires suck the life out of the Dow Jones, leaving Hoover scrambling to save not only his family, but the country.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: Vampire Hunter — The longest installment of the series, it tells the story of Roosevelt forming the United Nations against a global vampire threat.

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But when Germany and other countries hold out, will Roosevelt plunge our country into war? Harry S. Soon learns that even nuclear bombs cannot stop these fearsome adversaries. Dwight D.

Eisenhower: Vampire Hunter — An injured Eisenhower must learn to overcome a bum knee and fight vampires at a young age. John F. Kennedy: Vampire Hunter — Kennedy learns that Castro is harboring vampires in Cuba, leading to a tense 13 days. However, when the entire Kennedy clan including Marilyn Monroe is infected with vampirism, it is up to the government to slowly wipe them out. Lyndon B.

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Johnson: Vampire Hunter — Vampires argue for equal rights. Does Johnson cave or try to suppress them? Richard Nixon: Vampire Hunter — Nixon begins a surveillance exercise that may expose the hidden leader of the vampires. But what price is too high for the America public to pay to learn the truth? Gerald Ford: Vampire Hunter — In this comedic installment, the clumsiest vampire hunter falls down stairs and breaks through windows while fighting some of the most fierce bloodsuckers known to man.

Bill Clinton: Vampire Hunter — Slapped with an NC rating, this installment is the first to feature president on vampire sex. George W. Bush: Vampire Hunter — In this tragic installment, Bush does everything wrong and allows the vampire hordes to regain significant amounts of power.

Too bad no one believes his vampire hunting background.


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David Harris woke up one morning and decided to run a website. His life has been a prison ever since. He doesn't Tweet but he just got a smartphone, so anything is possible. He also teaches Spanish to high school students in Portland. All want the issue to be resolved forevermore, but fallen mankind will always sin and must call on the Savior to help right our wrongs.

The 15 Most Sordid Presidential Sex Scandals In History

Crowe, Scott P. Richert, Scott Warden, York Young.

Student accused of assault settles suit against Columbia

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